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From: Mark Carron РReal Estate Book / Prestige Properties

Over the past 36 years, we have developed and enhanced the advertising of homes and the marketing of Agents in many different ways. During this most recent slowdown, we have pilot tested a program that we think helps and enhances the Real Estate Community.

“If your Listing does not sell, then we don’t get paid.”

Program Highlights: This puts us on an equal footing with the agents or their broker.

This simple concept essentially puts advertising and marketing at no cost to our customers unless there is a sale. We have tried multiple formulas to arrive at a reasonable win / win scenario. We take a 4% marketing fee from the List side of the commission as it comes to either the broker if he/she enrolls or to the Agents commission if they enroll. Example $350,000 x 2% (list side) = $7000 x 4% = $280 marketing fee to us.

  • It is an honor system with verification via the MLS system.
  • It is open to Brokerages, Agents or Agent teams.
  • Includes Residential, Condos, Quality Multi’s and bank-owned properties.
  • 3 listings to a quarter page, 6 listings to a half page, and up to 15 listings on a full page.
  • One year term.

This program benefits agents all agents who believe in print, online “combined advertising”, and “Personal Promotion”, but would only like to pay if the properties actually sell. We will take on the marketing risk with you, helping your cash flow. We want to help Agents and small brokerages increase their exposure with shared risk. We have contracted for more publications and purchased more online keywords to enhance this project.

Call us for a simple review of your historical sales and see how the numbers work out. Some Brokers/Agents would save money, some would spend more money, but the guarantee is broad exposure, MLS # ease, seller placation, and low risk. If it does not sell, you do not pay. For those who do not use us currently, this may be a good time to try. Cut something out, it will help your cash flow and we’ll increase your exposure.

The Real Estate Book and Prestige Properties have helped shape the dynamic of Real Estate sales and marketing from Boston through Worcester County in print for 28 years. We have become the second largest data feeder of Listing information online after the MLS Pin system in less than 5 years. We now want to further that by offering our services for free and only expect payment if the listing sells.

Thank You,

Mark Carron